The Land Feature


The regional NSW newspaper The Land recently interviewed yours truly for some details about how I came to feature on Farmer Wants A Wife and the background and development of how Perspective Photography came to be.

The article can be viewed here

Kerry Fragar, PP.

Farmer Wants A Wife- and a Photographer!


Have you seen me on the TV series Farmer Wants a Wife? During filming, I was asked by "Farmer Jedd" to teach him a bit about photography and to do a pet portrait shoot of his little dog Greg. I felt pretty lucky to get to show Jedd what I do- and on national TV no less! Above are a couple of the actual shots I took of Greg, some (poor quality) stills taken from the episode and a couple of BTS too :) The location was beautiful Coffin Bay, South Australia where Jedd runs his Oyster Farm. Farmer Wants A Wife is currently airing Monday nights on Channel 9 at 8:45pm.

Kerry Fragar, PP.

International Calendar Publication


I recently spent an interesting day working 1100m underground for Texas-based company Joy Global. The machine (loader) is the first of its kind in the world, staff were flown in from all over to witness its commissioning, with it being my job to photograph it. I have just received a nice surprise in the post, the internationally distributed 2016 Joy Global calendar, with one of my images co featured on the cover and appearing as "Miss April".  

Kerry Fragar, PP.